2/17/1892 ~ 8/22/1969





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    Richard Bard (2/17/1892-8/22/1969) (PH-43-4) 1940

    He is quoted in his obituary at the Find A Grave website as saying "Time is the scarcest commodity of all", and he used his time to its greatest advantage.  Son of Senator Thomas Robert Bard, Richard was historically significant in his own right.    He was born in the beautiful Bard home called Berylwood in Port Hueneme that later became the Officer's Club at the Naval Construction Battalion Center.  Although educated at Harvard Law School, his father's passing in 1915 necessitated that he return home to oversee the family interests, specifically, the Berylwood Investment Company which included vast holdings of agricultural development and oil. In World War I, he served as a 1st Lieutenant and in World War II he attained the rank of Major, receiving the Croix de Guerre and Silver Star from Charles de Gaulle. He organized the Mutual Water System in 1924 and went on to be a director of the Metropolitan Water District. He took up his father's original vision of a Port Hueneme Harbor and started an official legislative and public relations movement toward that end in 1926.  After many setbacks, that dream was realized with the creation of the Oxnard Harbor District and the construction of the harbor in the late 1930s. In the 1940s he was appointed a Ventura County Supervisor.  He served in the capacity of either director or president of many organizations, including the California Lima Bean Growers Association, the Graham-Loftus Oil Corporation, the Bank of Hueneme, the Hueneme Dock Corporation, and the Las Posas Water Company.  He had a focus on future generations by serving as a trustee of Occidental College He represented the Bard family's wish and request to move the remains of Senator Thomas Bard and other members of the Bard family to Ivy Lawn Memorial Park from the grounds of the Berylwood home in 1967.

    SOURCE: Ivy Lawn Records and Archives

    Posted over 5 years ago by Christine

    July 25, 2012

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