3/22/1861 ~ 3/7/1929





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    Abram Lincoln Hobson (03/22/1861-03/07/1929)(A--68-3) 1926 + 1940 

    Abram Lincoln Hobson was the son of William Dewey Hobson, commonly referred to by historians as the “Father of Ventura County” for his pioneering efforts in successfully separating Ventura County from Santa Barbara County.  Abram L. Hobson was a major developing contributor to local and state wide growth in his own right.  Growing out of his involvement with the cattle business, he and his brother, William A. Hobson, formed the Hobson Brothers Meat Packing Company, which served all of Ventura County, as well as the Santa Barbara Packing Company for that area.  He was one of the foremost promoters and developers of the oil industry in Ventura and his vision in the very early 1920s purchased the land for leasing to the major oil companies that launched the period of significance in Ventura called The Oil and Land Boom of the 1920s. His obituary called him the “Father of the Oil Field”. He was an accomplished horseman and invested heavily in cattle grazing lands throughout the state of California.  He was one of the founding directors of the Ventura County Fair Grounds. He was the original president of the Elks Corporation that made possible the Elks Lodge on Ash Street in Ventura; and was president of the Masons Building Corporation that created the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara Street in Ventura.  He deeded land along Rincon Highway for parks and was instrumental in providing 240 acres of land for Foster Park, being a life-long friend of E. P. Foster.  His joint development with his brother of the San Miguel beach area for agriculture by directing the river silt through levees and gates led to the creation of the development of Pierpont Bay and eventually the Ventura Keys. Outside of Ventura, he and some partners developed 90,000 acres in Riverside for irrigation and subdivision and became president of the Palo Verde Land and Water Company, founding the City of Blythe.  He was instrumental in developing land throughout both Southern and Central California for all of his life.  A. L. Hobson was one of the founding members of the Ventura Securities Company for Ivy Lawn Cemetery in 1917.


    SOURCE: Ivy Lawn Records and Archives

    Posted over 5 years ago by Christine

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    July 25, 2012

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