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New scattering garden “The Last Gift’ is now available.  Located steps from our Crematory building.  For the first time we offer an area exclusively to Veterans.  Our Veteran’s cremation garden is now available.  We are honored to introduce the “Garden of Heroes”.

Embrace the change!!!!!           Effective today IVY LAWN MEMORIAL PARK & FUNERAL HOME streets and cemetery have gone to one way streets. For safety and convenience of our customers we have made our cemetery flow the same as normal traffic.  Most streets are one way now marked by arrows with new street and directional signs.  We have added “Section signs” so now you are able to clearly identify the different sections of the cemetery.  Names are prominent and match the new maps.  We are also very proud to show our streets now have names.  These streets are named after members of our Board of Directors both past and present.  It is a small way to pay homage to these wonderful people who have dedicated their time, their hearts and their knowledge to this cemetery.  They have gone unnoticed but not anymore.  We celebrate them and out new streets with lovingly designed signs.  The sign provide the name of the street and help with directional symbols to help the public follow the layout with ease.  There are clearly defined red zones that prevent parking at these specific locations.  This will ensure ease and comfort for families as they conduct their services and accommodate their guests. 

We apologize for the adjustment and the change but we do feel confident that everyone will benefit from these changes and feel proud to have their loved ones here in such a well planned and inviting location.

The map is here for you to print or you can stop in the administration office and pick up copies.  Thank you in your kindness and respect with the changes.

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