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As you probably know we have been asked to reduce our water use!!!
Effective today IVY LAWN MEMORIAL PARK & FUNERAL HOME will be cutting back on watering the grounds of the cemetery. Because everyone is being asked to cut back and reserve water usage we must cut back.
Governor Jerry Brown declared a statewide drought emergency on January 17th , 2014 because the 2013 calendar closed on the driest year in state history!
Lawmakers from both parties said they expect water to be at the top of the agenda during the Legislature’s 2014 session.
“It’s the No. 1 issue. It really is,” said Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, R-Camarillo, who met with a contingent of Southern California mayors. The local officials urged support for Brown’s Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which includes construction of two large tunnels to increase the reliability of Delta water exports to the south.
"There's little or no new water coming into the system," said one of the speakers at the Water Symposium, hosted by the Assn. of Water Agencies of Ventura County.
We appreciate your understanding. If you notice that the lawns are not as green as usual you will know that the water shortage has required us to be conscious of water usage and forced us to cut back on watering.

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