Ivy Lawn now offers Eternal Memorial Accounts


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Technology is a medium that allows for creativity! Get started and involved so memories will never be forgotten!

NEW technology at Ivy Lawn! Preserve the memories of your loved one on line. Ivy Lawn is excited to offer ETERNAL MEMORIAL ACCOUNTS. This gives future generations the experience of not only visiting a grave but also seeing the memories of their families with photos, videos, letters and personal stories created.

Distance is no longer an issue. Pull up a name and you have access to see the grave marker, see photos, and memories that have added.

Ivy Lawn wants you to use the latest technology and add information, photos and remembrances to your loved ones "search" on the Ivy lawn website. Family and friends can share memories by adding uploads to the account.

Make Ivy Lawn not only the final resting place for your loved one but make it is the final resting place on line as well.

Ask the staff about the details.


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