100 years


Ivy Lawn Memorial Park is celebrating 100 years of service to Ventura County!  We started in 1917 and we are here 2017 and now better than ever!   Turning 100 is a milestone and there are not many that have that claim to fame.  We are proud of our cemetery, our crematory and now our funeral home.  We have grown with the community and our connection to Ventura County is undeniable.  The grounds of the cemetery are beautiful, filled with life of our thousands of visitors.  They enjoy the gardens, the flowers, new statues, and items of beauty that have been added to make a beautiful cemetery even more beautiful. 


The Board of Directors have consciously added new options for customers as it is the plan to have some kind of memorial space for everyone’s tastes.   This landmark cemetery is a Place for All Time and turning 100 years old proves we are doing it right.


We hope we make you proud Ventura County!  Come in and ask for a free Ivy Lawn History Book as part of our birthday celebration!

In recognition of reaching 100 we are offering MARKERS at 2016 prices.


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