Additional Cremations

We receive many inquiries about the option of burying cremated remains in an existing grave. If you have a loved one buried in a “full grave” at Ivy Lawn Memorial Park you can bury up to four (4) separate cremations in that same grave. There are authorizations that must be signed and fees that must be paid but it may be possible to bury multiple urns in a grave even if there is a casket in the grave!

  • The existing burial is never disturbed as the urn is buried above the casket
  • An urn can be buried in a specific spot on the grave if desired
  • You can have a graveside service for any cremation burial
  • The current fee to convert an existing grave for a cremation burial is $2,000.00
  • You must use a cremation vault for each urn you bury
  • You must get signed approval from the “deedholder” and next of kin
  • You can have a separate grave marker for the cremation burial with approval

Please call our office to discuss or if you have additional questions.



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